McCann and Irish Network (IN)

TransAtlantic, the latest novel by by Colum McCann, imagines the relationships between the American continent and Ireland. McCann addressed this topic and others last Tuesday evening at the Brattle Theater and then at the Grafton Street Pub and Grill at a “Meet the Author” event hosted by Irish Network Boston and The Frederick Douglass- Daniel O’Connell Project.

Speaking at the Brattle Theater, McCann read from his new novel and answered questions about his writing and life. Explaining that journeys, profound challenges that induce serious self-reflection, and the expansion of civil and human rights are ideas that are deeply meaningful to him, McCann wanted to write a book about people and episodes that exemplified those issues. Throughout TransAtlantic McCann weaves the stories of those who “take the war out of the machine”, struggle to emancipate humans from bondage, confront old enmities of conflict in Northern Ireland, and enhance equality between the sexes.

TransAtlantic also takes the opening of the global age and the expansion of convenient links between Ireland and America as part of its subject. It was this issue that monopolized the conversation between McCann and Irish Network Boston members at the Grafton Street Pub and Grill. In an intimate setting McCann spent the evening signing books, talking and mingling with those in the crowd, and, most charmingly, asking IN Boston members to sign his copy of TransAtlantic. Hoping to recall this book tour, McCann fondly reviewed the messages left for him by fans.
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