My notes today at the Irish Roots Cafe:

1- Families in Wexford Ireland.

2- Lamb(e) is the family name of the week

1) Families in Co. Wexford town and county.

The Co. Wexford, Ireland, Genealogy book is at:

If we look in this book at the 1659 census,

in the Town of Wexford we find:

The Principall Irish Names and Their Number:

Murphy 14 - Synott 11 - Welsh 07 - Codd 13 -

Doyle 06 - White 06 - Connors 05 - Furlong 05

- Redmond 05 - Devereux 05 -

We also see individuals such as James Roe and John

Walton in the west ward, and Ambrose Andrews in the

South Ward and so on....

Another Resource for Wexford:

A year by year history for all of Ireland was

compiled by the Four Masters. Connellans

translation has the first true large scale map of

Irish families. It is on a county by county basis in Ireland.

Wexford Families on our Map of the Four Masters:



Butler, V.















Le Mareschal, E.



de Montmorency


O' Cavanagh, L.

Mac Keogh

Mac Murrough, K.

O' Cosgry, C.

O' Doran (Brehon)

O' Doyle

O' Dugan, C.

O' Garvey, C.

O' Larkin, L.

O' Murphy, L.



de Renzy




Strongbow, E.


Talbot, E.



Remember that these spellings often change !

2) The Family Name of the Week:

Lamb, Lambe

Possible Related Spellings of the Name

Lam, Lamm, Lambe, Lambin, de Labart, Lamberton

Varient Spelling Groups: #1055

(From the Master Guide to the Various Spellings

of Irish Family Names)

History of the Name

Most of the name of Lamb are said to be of English

origins in Ireland. It is also possible that in an

isolated instance an Irish family could have taken

the name of Lamb.

The obvious shortening of names like Lambert or

Lambarton may have occurred at times as well.

Note the possible connection of the Lambe and

Lambert families in the Irish Book of Arms, as

mentioned below.

In the book, ‘Milesian Families of Ireland’ the

name of Lamb is given as coming from England

and settling in Donegal, but Lamberton is said to

have come from France.

Lamb is also given in Dublin in the 19th century.

copyright 2011, IGF, based in part upon

The Book of Irish Families, great and small


Irish Coats of Arms for the name

Information given in the Irish Book of Arms

1) Arms shown for Penniston Lambe, Viscount, of

Kilmore, m. in 1769 to the daughter of Sir Ralph

Milbank. The illustration shows, it looks like two

lions as supporters of the coat of arms, a third

shown on its crest, two stars across the middle

of the coat, with 3 decorations on the coat.

There may even be some connection with Lambert

there, based on similarities between the

two names and some of the arms designs.

The Free Master Index Search of Irish Names

finds the family name 15 times in books, including :

1) The Families of Co. Kerry, Ireland

2) Birth Index of Ireland

3) The Families of County Dublin

4) The Families of County Donegal.

5) G. Lambe in Co. Galway genealogy & family history notes

6) Lambin is found in Irish Names and Surnames by Woulfe

7) Patrick Lamb in v26 of the JAIHS


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