The left was thrown for a loop last night, when one of their own, (they think EVERYONE in Hollywood is one of their own),  had the temerity to come out on stage in front of a national audience and express his unvarnished opinion about President Obama.

The mystery speaker for the closing night of the GOP convention in Tampa, is now only a mystery to those unsophisticated, humorless pundits on the left.

Clint Eastwood came out on stage at the Republican National Convention last night, in front of millions and had a conversation with an empty chair.  The chair sitting next to him on the dais, (that’s a stage for those on the left) is a common prop used in one man shows in comedy routines as well as lectures and speeches.

Of course for most of those in the Tampa audience and those who have the mental acuity to know these things, the empty chair (with a teleprompter in front of it) had an imaginary President Obama sitting in it.  To many in the US,  it is symbolic of President Obamas leadership. He hasn’t had a budget in 3 years, played more golf than any sitting president in history, but met only once with his council of economic advisers, even though the economy is in dire shape.

But there was a teachable moment which put the spotlight on how some subtleties escape the left.  Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Al Sharpton , in a post convention wrap up. criticized Clints performance.   Calling it a bizarre performance, saying Clint had lost it and they shouldn’t allow an 82 year old out on stage.  It was almost hysterical to listen to them…Hey you little whiners isn’t that age discrimination?

But of course they were extremely sensitive and aware of any perceived slight that Clint might direct towards any of their herd of sacred cows, bending themselves into pretzel like contortions to find any slight, imaginary or real.

Eastwood said to the audience, “we own this country,” the politicians are our employees and when they don’t do their job, we fire them.”

Now this really got their liberal panties in a wad and one of the hapless trio saw an entitlement mentality message wrapped up in what Clint said….At that point I was actually laughing out loud with incredulity and wondering just who actually watches MSNBC and believes anything emanating from it…My teachable moment was: I actually understood why many in the media refer to MSNBC as MSLSD.

Of course Clint meant that all American citizens own this country, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, etc. and we deserve the best…When we don’t get it, it is time to make a change….If that’s an entitlement mentality, then I want more of it on a massive scale.

Eastwood, praised Romney as a "stellar businessman.  Referring to Obama saying  “it's never a good idea for attorneys to be president.  They are always devil's advocating this and bifurcating this and bifurcating that.  But, I think it is maybe time -- what do you think -- for a businessman.  How about that? A stellar businessman... And I think it's that time.  And I think if you just step aside, Mr. Romney can take over.  You can maybe still use the  plane.”

Of course Eastwood threw away the subtlety and used a sledge hammer a few times like when he said  Joe Biden was the intellect of the Democrat Party.

How, in just a few months, can Clint Eastwood slip from hero down to zero for the left?  They were hailing him as a genius and a hero when he narrated the GM/Obama Super Bowlcommercial extolling the benefits of having a Government Motors.

This morning the cacophony from the left is making my ears bleed as they find ways to criticize Clint Eastwoods ad lib performance…The more they criticize, the more they reveal their ignorance…Go ahead, "make my day."

But the noise on the left is also a smokescreen to hide the fact that speaker after speaker on the RNC stage last night, was a superstar of intellect and accomplishment.....Leading up to to a masterful acceptance speech by Governor Romney.

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