Navenny Place, 47 apartments
Once priced at $278,294 some apartments in Donegal are going to auction for just $16,280. Unfortunately there's a catch you will need to buy a complete block of 47, which will cost you a reasonable $765,332.

Some of the apartments going for auction at Navenny Place, Trusk Road, Ballybofey do not even have bathrooms or kitchen and some need to have their walls plastered.

Its developer, Navenny Developmments, can no longer repay its loans to Ulster Bank. When they undertook this project they had through they would make more than $12.53 million from their development.

Currently the cheapest apartments in Ireland are in Redbarn, County Cork where you can buy an apartment for $55,700. The cheapest apartments in Dublin have been sold for $87,739 on the Blakestown Road, Dublin 15.