How far are you willing to go to raise money for charity? A charity-walk? A sponsored cake-sale? How about stepping into a boxing ring for the first time in front of six hundred people? That’s the prospect that lies in store for twenty fool-hardy and charity friendly hub area residents on March 2nd. Having volunteered to participate they are currently in training to acquire enough fitness and boxing skills to wow the crowd and raise money for a hard working charity.
The event, taking place in Watertown, will see over ten bouts and promises to be a thoroughly entertaining night with all proceeds benefiting the Michael J Dunleavy Foundation. The Foundation was incorporated in 2002 following the passing of its namesake Michael James Dunleavy, age 8. Michael succumbed to an inoperable brain tumor which was first diagnosed in the late spring of that year. The Foundation was born out of Michael's own desire to help other children who had cancerous brain tumors or other illnesses and their families. Its primary donations are to MGH Children’s Hospital and Camp Sunshine, Maine who care for the needs of pediatric cancer patients.

The event, titled A Bout to Benefit, will include the all-important bouts along with music, entertainment and a cash bar. Committee chairman Michael John Queally specifically identified the night as a chance to raise money while also connecting a number of social groups for a night of networking and revelry. Speaking earlier in the week Michael said "The greater Boston area has always been a beacon for twenty and thirty something students and young professionals from near and far. These networks have been very active in supporting local businesses and charities and we hope to provide them with a great night’s entertainment while also raising funds for a deserving charity".

The list of boxers reflects the diverse network of people involved in the event. Social workers, Post Doctorates, Engineers and Barmen are all taking part. Indeed some of the competitors are pursuing careers in the fight against cancer. Niall O Connor, whose company, Genospace, build genome information systems for disease research foundations, will be pulling on the gloves.

"Through my work I see how research continues to advance our understanding of disease leading to tangible improvements in therapies and patient outcomes. This event has given me a great opportunity to raise much needed funds and awareness for the cause"

The issue of awareness was also picked up by the Foundation Chairman, Gerry Dunleavy. "We have been running events for over ten years. Our annual road race along with many other events have helped to raise over $1 million dollars. This would not have been possible without the support of all the foundations donors and volunteers. This event provides the foundation with an opportunity to raise awareness with a new network of younger Boston area residents. We hope that this will allow us to expand our reach and provide increased funding to these deserving causes."
Whether you are a boxing enthusiast or simply looking for a good night of entertainment Watertown looks like the place to be on March 2nd. The event takes place in the St. James Armenian Hall, Watertown. Reports from the initial training sessions suggest the boxers are giving it their all "Some of the guys have struggled with their skipping technique and there are a few concerns over the ring entry anthems but overall it’s going well." You can follow the training progress at and tickets are available at
If you would like more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview or training session photo opportunity, please contact Michael O Connor at 617-606-1469 or email Michael at