I caught up with Kathleen Vesey Fee of the group Celtic Cross over the weekend. The band is super excited about this Big Green Season in particular because it marks their 25th anniversary.

Considering Fee isn’t 40 yet, you could say that the band just might have another few decades ahead of them. This group of brothers and a sister have just added drummer Ryan Cavan, who joined the band a few weeks ago.

“It's been inspiring to work with our new drummer, Ryan Cavan,” Fee says. “He adds a different dynamic to Celtic Cross by having a jazz background. He brings a looser, slightly more improvised approach to the band's sound and feel.

“Ryan is no stranger to the music scene and has performed with a variety of artists include the Healers, the McCabes, Lenehan, David Ippolito, Joseph Walsh, and Melba Moore.”

Fee says parting company with drummer Dave Barckow wasn’t easy.

”He was with Celtic Cross for eight years,” Fee explains, “and although we are still great friends and will miss him, we are excited to watch him follow his dream as he does his ‘Phil Collins’ thing, stepping out from behind the drum to be out front with his guitar! Check him out at www.DaveBarckow.com.”

Switching beats has been invigorating for the band.

“We are approaching our old material with a different twist, making it feel brand new and exciting,” she says. “We have also been creating and collaborating on new songs and tune sets and will be trying them out live throughout March. We are excited to get started recording in late spring on a new CD.”

On March 19, the band will be at Ulysses Folk House (95 Pearl Street, New York.) You’ll not only get to hear some of their new tunes, but yours truly will be signing copies and reading from “This Is Your Brain on Shamrocks” at around 9 p.m.

“We have gotten a great response about one of our new songs called "Irish Girl." It’s an Irish love story of playing hard to get and keeping each other on their toes,” reveals Fee.

“We will be sure to pull up some Irish colleens on stage at Ulysses for this one and get everyone singing along. There are a few others including, ‘Jameson Johnny,’ and an original tune set and arrangement!

“We don't have a name for the trad set yet, but I'm sure it will find a name, maybe even by the end of Saturday night at Ulysses...hmmm...brain on shamrocks or something like that!”

From your lips to God’s ears! Check out www.celticcrossnation.com for more information on the band!