That's Berní talking with John Joe Daly about her son in grade school who's bullying other children, and stealing things and stuff like that. It's a still shot of a scene from part 1 of episode 11.03, which you can watch here. The Irish language television station has been revamped on-line, and the Flash interface makes it so easy now to watch.

That's Tadhg there with his wife. He's the owner of Tigh Thadhg, the pub his son Jason is talking about turning from a traditional haunt into a techno thing. Tadhg is publican and undertaker in Ros na Rún and is trying to get his son Jason to elevate his game from DJing, and take on the family business. You can watch the episode 09.03, here.

That's Adelaide who was left standing on the altar, and came back to hit Mack with the news later-on, that she was pregnant with their baby. He's trying to be up-standing, and support her as the father, but he only wants to be friends. Adelaide has issues. You can watch the episode here. It gets messy when Adelaide starts using the baby to restore the relationship, but Mack is not having it. Watch them try to figure it out in part 2 of the 11.03 episode, here.

That's Mack putting on his jacket. Adelaide is very manipulative, and she's going through every sort of emotion now. She's worried what kind of mother she'll make, considering she had such a bad time with her own mother. Watch them try to figure it out in part 2 of the 11.03 episode, here.

That's Micheál and Bríd talking about Johnny. Bríd and Johnny are going through a divorce. Mícheál is the new man, and there's a debate plaguing Bríd pitting passion against the comfort of a loving and simple domesticity. The love triangle is coming to a head now, and you can catch up with it by watching any of the twenty or so episodes that are still on-line to watch, here. The show airs twice a week, and new episodes replace older ones, so dive-in, before you miss a great episode.

That's Johnny imploring his soon-to-be-ex wife to take him back. He's changed supposedly, but you wouldn't know it by his sleeping with Berní or the woman who owns a spa in Ros na Rún. You can't expect too much from musicians. Maybe he would change, but actions speak louder than words, Irish or English. The still is from the 11.03 episode, here.

That's Séamus Ó Catháin confronting Oisín his young friend for stealing. It's a big let down for Séamus who helped the young fella get a job, despite the reputation Oisín's mother had for betraying. Séamus also has to deal with his brother Cóilín, who is all about the I-told-you-so. The still is from the same 11.03 episode, here, but go through all the episodes to get the full theatrical experience.

Oisín's mother is in a bad relationship with a man who abuses her and takes her money. To manage things, she leans on her son Oisín, forcing him into the unenviable position of having to raise money he can't earn fast enough to help her. So he steals with the intention of paying back, but it's an awful thing that's ruining his friendships with people who trusted him and tried to help him get a start.

That's Cóilín talking about Oisín, and he's not so taken by the travails of Oisín. He's keen on telling his brother Séamus all about the clever little thief, and breaking him of his loyalty to a young fella who's stealing from people.

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