Two Canadian tourists have made an incredible video montage of their three-week vacation in Ireland.

The 18-minute video entitled “A Fortnight Plus Half – An Ireland Adventure” covers everywhere from the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, to Belfast, to Kilkenny and Bushmills.

Stephen Parker edited the footage together after he and his wife Shannon captured it using a Panasonic GH3, 2 GoPros and an iPhone while they toured Ireland in a rental car.

“Shannon + Stephen Parker trek across the Atlantic for some Irish adventures. 3 weeks in Ireland distilled into a highlight reel for your enjoyment,” Parker’s video description reads on Vimeo.

The video shows lots of funny moments like a sheep running alongside their car. The montage certainly should encourage a few more tourists to come to Ireland.

A Fortnight Plus Half - An Ireland Adventure

A Fortnight Plus Half - An Ireland Adventure. from Stephen Parker on Vimeo.