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Dear MTN,
Recently I went on vacation, went to a concert, and hit it off with one of the guys who was in the band. We hooked up twice and we almost had sex. He comes to the NY area fairly often so although I would not see him as often as I might like I would be able to see him when he played here or on weekends when he was not on tour. I did feel a great connection with him, and I do not even have to lie about liking his music, however my concern is the constant distance as well as the fact that he is a musician and actor that meets girls in every city his band plays in. I do not want to be just another groupie. Is this a relationship worth pursuing? Thank you for all your help as always. - Nicole
Dear Nicole,
You will need a lot of confidence to date a guy that is in a band and travels a lot. Since you have only gone out with him twice, I would suggest giving him a chance and seeing down the road if he is looking for a committed relationship. Although I am not a fan of long distance relationships, since he is in NY often, I think it's worth pursuing. I have a feeling you will find out very soon if he is right for you or not. I wish you the best of luck with him. Dating a guy in a band is very exciting, good luck! - MTN
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