The miners of yore kept caged canaries to warn of dangerous gas build up as they worked below ground. The birds would chirp away while the air was good, but would fall silent & sicken if conditions became dangerous. This avian early warning system saved countless thousands of miners lives, until, I am assuming, the practice was banned by California animal rights groups.

California is the nations early warning canary and the little bird is no longer chirping away.

It has been a fact for many years: Where California goes, the rest of the nation will soon follow. In that case fellow Americans, be afraid, be very afraid.

Just listed again as the most business unfriendly state in the nation, California is also well on the road to be the most unfriendly to agriculture, once it's economic backbone.

At the behest and insistence of their core base, democrats have yielded to rabid environmentalists who have turned the state upside down. They have stuck the proverbial bayonet into the gut of Central Valley agriculture by shutting off their water. Thousands of farms (yes folks that is in the thousands) have been driven out of business because of a non native species of minnow called the delta smelt.

The once vibrant verdant central valley, is looking more like the dust bowl of the depression days. Hundreds of thousands of farm workers have no jobs and if you'll notice, food prices are rising.

To make a long story short, water was cut off/rationed to these farmers because environmentalists backed by Californias Senator Barbara Boxer (D), decided the smelt needed more water than human beings. That's right folks, in the enviro/whacko world we are governed by, humans are far down the list of what is valued anymore, especially private sector humans.

What about "save the humans" for a change?

The elephant in the living room concerning this "water shortage" is that it could have easily been averted had dams been built to harness the tremendous watersheds of California. But by design, the perennial water shortage is due to the proposed dams being sued out of existence by environmental lawsuits.

Couple the above with California's edicts on business and industry which has driven 1,000's of companies to other states- Sanctuary city policies/ illegal alien invasion costing the state billions -Politicians owned and controlled by public sector labor unions- The concentration of power into the hands of lobbyists and bureaucrats.....and you have a state spiraling down the drain on a path of fiscal insanity.

Sound familiar?

America: Call the vet, stat! Your canary is hanging upside down from its perch.

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