Aaron Paul has partnered with Bushmills for a new project

Bushmills Irish Whiskey has joined with award winning actor Aaron Paul for their ‘Since Way Back’ program, which celebrates legendary moments that inspire great stories.

Paul, known for his role as Jesse Pinkman on the AMC drama "Breaking Bad," joins close friends Chris Paul Scardamalia, Philip Waller, and Dave Tom to develop pieces of content that will be released throughout the year. The group will share personal stories and defining influences that have led them through their journey toward success.

"These guys are my best friends on the planet," said Paul. "Dave is also an actor who, in addition to living on my couch for three years, happens to be the clumsiest person on the planet; Phil, I met at a bar 10 years ago – he's a documentary filmmaker and shark activist, splitting his time between Los Angeles and Hawaii; and Chris has always been there for me when I needed someone.

“I'm truly a fan of Bushmills, and to have all of these friends join me in this program, and to have Bushmills give us an outlet to share our crazy journey with fans, is an incredible moment for us. We can't wait to get started."