Libyans under assault from Qaddafis air force, cry for the decisive leadership of George Bush. They plead for a Bush style imposition of a "no fly zone", to save their lives from vicious air attacks.

Estimates now say the death toll in the Libyans citizens quest to free themselves from their terrorist dictator to be 6,000 dead. The wounded count is much higher too, now that the dictator has unleashed his modern air force to bomb the population at will.

In the meantime while this slaughter is occurring, the Obama administration seems to be slow to act, almost like foot dragging or is it is gauging which way the wind is blowing? Or is it something else?

Unlike Egypt an ally of the US, where Obama called for the President of Egypt to step down almost immediately, Obama waited many days before even mentioning the dictator/terrorist Qaddafis name, even then in an oblique fashion.

Qaddafi is responsible for the murder of countless Americans in terrorist attacks throughout the world and should be tried in an international court for crimes against humanity. He has brutally suppressed his people for decades and bankrolled terrorist groups. So why the reticence from the President to even mention this thugs name?

Could it be that there is a connection between Obamas associates and Qaddafi that goes back years? Hugo Chavez, the dictator of Venezuela has stood solidly behind his friend the dictator of Libya and has offered an out for his friend Qaddafi. It has been noted that Obamas hope and change thing has resulted in a much less confrontational approach with the Chavez regime. To illustrate this, the US proactively sided against the will and constitution of the freedom loving people of Honduras. The US state Department ordered sanctions against Honduras after they ousted their wannabe dictator and close Chavez friend, after he attempted to establish himself as "el presidente for life".

There is also that solid relationship between Obamas pastor and mentor of many years, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Qaddafi. The Reverend Wright and the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan made a sojourn from Chicago to Libya to forge a relationship with the Libyan dictator. They have been heard to sing the praises of Moammar Qaddafi in the intervening years, is there a special, sister city, Chicago-Tripoli relationship?

Perhaps it is time for decisive action and the possible appointment of special envoys to meet with the besieged dictator and an offer of sanctuary, in order to end the bloodshed in Libya. It wouldn't be unprecedented, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, also a product of Chicago, has been used as an unofficial ambassador over the years to attempt negotiations in terrorist situations in distant parts of the world.

Could it be time for boldness and decisiveness on the the Presidents part to use his secret diplomatic weapon and unleash his longtime pastor, Jeremiah Wright? Perhaps the Reverend Wright can reach out to his close friend Qaddafi to convince him to end the bloodshed?

Editors note 3/21/11 Seems Minister Louis Farakhan of the Nation of Islam has been reading this column. Yesterday he urged President Obama to send a delegation of highly respected Americans to Libya to talk to the ruler. Wonder who he thinks should be in the delegation?