Sarah McKinley

There is nothing as strong or as ferocious as a Mother protecting her home and her children. Sarah McKinley proved this point New Years Eve in Blanchard Oklahoma, as she turned the tables on a knife wielding home invasion robber, shooting him dead in her living room.

The incident began at 2:00 PM, when two men started forcing their way through the newly widowed Mothers front door. McKinley grabbed her 3 month old and the phone to dial 911, she also barricaded the front door with furniture, desperately trying to keep the intruders out.

But unbeknownst to the intruders, Sarah also had a 12 gauge shotgun in the house which she kept for self protection and she knew how to use it. While on the phone to emergency services Sarah asked the dispatcher: I have 2 guns in my hand, is it OK to shoot the intruders if they enter my house? The dispatcher replied you must do whatever you need to do to defend your baby if they enter your home.

At that time while Sarah was on the phone, one of the intruders, Justin Martin, 24, finally broke through her front door, armed with knife in hand he came towards the Mother and infant. Sarah had no choice but to squeeze the trigger of the shotgun killing the man on the spot.
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At the sound of the shotgun blast, the other assailant, 29 year old Dustin Stewart ran off , only to surrender to police hours later. He faces 1st degree murder charges in the death of his accomplice, since they were engaged in a violent felony when his friend was killed.

Evidently these two thieving drug addicts were aware that Sarahs husband, a lung cancer victim, had just passed away on Christmas day and they thought there would be drugs in Sarahs house. So they thought they could boldly force their way into the defenseless widowed Mothers home and steal any drugs in the premises. Only they know what else they planned on doing.

Sarah faces no criminal charges for defending herself, as it should be. In America the 2nd Amendment of the constitution gives you the right and ability to defend your home and property, with deadly force if necessary. This story also proves what a great equalizer possessing a firearm can be.

If this woman was unarmed, there is no telling what the outcome would have been to this story. Sarah and her baby could have been statistics in the drug and crime war that haunts America.

Sarah also illuminates why Americans are looking more and more towards their own home self defense in these days of calling 911 for help. When seconds count the police are only minutes away.

The main stream media is very reluctant to promote these kinds of stories of how law abiding Americans protect themselves, but they are quick to point out that gun crime and gun violence are rampant. The fact is that gun crime and gun violence are perpetrated by criminals, not the law abiding, gun owning American citizen.

Here's ABC News' report on the story: