The Auld Locals

The Auld Locals, with their vibrant performances of the Irish folk favorites and a rich, authentic sound akin to The Dubliners and The Clancy Brothers, have quickly made a name for themselves in Boston, and are now stepping it up with original music, festival performances and gigs supporting big acts, such as The Saw Doctors.

Lead singer Cormac Marnell, who also plays the tin whistle and banjo, and guitar player and backup vocalist Brian Mooney have been entertaining many a pub-goer around Boston and New England for the past two years. But the group is moving to larger venues. Not only have they become an attraction at the Canton Irish Festival, but the pair also opened for The Saw Doctors 2012 concert in Boston. This year they will be playing The Saw Doctors concert after-party in the House of Blues’ VIP club as well as playing a set before the show.

The Auld Locals are taking their music to the next level with their second album, which is currently in production and set to drop later this year by focusing on original material in the Irish folk style they are known for.

“Our goal when we started was to spark new excitement over a dwindling cultural tradition,” Marnell said, “and—now that we see what an overwhelmingly positive response there has been to the old songs—we want to offer people the music in a way that reflects their modern struggles and triumphs too.”

Tickets for The Auld Locals March 16th House of Blues concert require the VIP upgrade of $20 for The Saw Doctors ticket holders. For further details on the concert, more information on the group, or for a free copy of their album visit their webpage at