No matter who or what is behind the terror bombing in Boston, it should put the spotlight on how terribly porous our borders are.
The politicians in Washington tell us there are only 11 million “undocumented” aliens in our country.  But many estimates run  3 times higher than that number.
So what is the real truth?  Lets suppose it is somewhere in the middle and put the figure at 20 million.
That’s 20 million people who entered our country, most without permission and we do not know who they are, or where they are. That’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to terror potential.
This administration keeps patting itself on the back and saying our borders are more secure now than ever. But the truth is, the job they are doing is totally unacceptable.
We already know there are drug and smuggling corridors openly used between Mexico and our border states.  It is relatively easy to cross the border in many areas and that puts our national security at risk. See Congressman Chaffetz report
The many people flooding our borders illegally, are from countries throughout the world. But alarmingly, we see a growing influence in Latin America, of Iran, narco states and jihadism, this potentially can be a huge problem. See article
Out of the 20 million illegals,  even if 99% of them are here to work and have a better life for themselves and their families, that leaves 1%, or 200,000 who might have malevolent intent towards us....But we really don't know do we, we are navigating in the blind.
America should be paying attention to the borders first and foremost before anything else is discussed on immigration.  What this administration is saying about secure borders is false and that is verified by ICE officers who are suing the administration because they claim they will be fired if they enforce immigration law. See story.  ICE agents are not happy with orders given them regarding border security and immigration policy. See ICE agents.
Many people get into the country legally, yet overstay their visas and become illegal. In most cases we do not know where these folks are or what they are doing.  The responsibility for visas should be turned over to the private sector. A credit card company who already has infrastructure and expertise in place, could do a far better job than what is now being done by the government.
There is no country in the world that can survive as a going concern that does not have control of its borders. A country without borders is not a country.