You know you have ascended to the top tier of fame when you just need one name to be known by. Paul David Hewson AKA: Bono, has achieved that lofty status. The face of Ireland to many in the world, native Son, poet, musician, philanthropist, humanitarian, activist, and artist, Bono epitomizes that truth.

Perhaps known for his philanthropy as much as his creativity in the music field, Bono has drawn together quite a far flung army of volunteers in his war on poverty and disease. President Bill Clinton said it best when he told Bono he has "quite a large tent" when describing his diverse army. Under that tent are rockers, to soccer moms, to evangelicals, all united in goals to make the world a better place.

Fresh off his bands U2 world tour that brought in 736 million in ticket sales, Bono sat down for an interview with Governor Huckabee on Fox News to share his thoughts.

First and foremost Bono praised America for it's leadership in the world wide war on poverty and disease. Bono particularly singled out President Bush when he stepped up to the plate and marshaled American and world resources to fight the worldwide AIDS epidemic, especially focusing in on the devastating disease in Africa.

Bono said that one single act by President Bush and America, was the biggest extraordinary fight for good in the world, since Americas involvement in World War II. He said due to Americas generosity and Bushes leadership, untold millions of lives have been saved.

But Bono's gift is that he is a poet with that intangible ability to describe the essence of spirit with the magic of his words. He summed up what America is in a poetic thought by saying "America is an idea, a contagious idea". "A contagious idea that inspires the world."

America understands the value of life, has the spirit of volunteerism and a "can do" attitude that has always inspired the rest of the world. Bono has recognized this special part of America and has been able to tap into that American essence, by recruiting our humanitarian spirit and at the same time steering billions of dollars in aid towards noble causes that make the world a better place.

America generously opened its arms to many waves of Irish immigrants who found shelter from a homeland that did not welcome them. Throughout Americas history, the Irish have repaid that generosity by helping build America into the greatest country the world has ever seen. America and Ireland have a strong special bond of blood and toil and a vested interest in seeing our countries prosper.

So when a world renowned native son of Ireland gives his opinion on the greatness of America, 40 million Americans of Irish descent listen. One of them was me and what I took particular note of was the closing of the interview, when Bono, who is not particularly noted for his conservative views, took a stand in our political situation:

At the end of the interview Governor Huckabee, jokingly said off the cuff, Bono should consider a run for the American Presidency. He replied that the Governor himself should consider a run, as "America needs Reagan like statesmanship that is so missing."

Bono and I see eye to eye on that statement.

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