Is the "Blue wall of silence" beginning to break down

For generations, the public has been told there is a "blue wall of silence," a scenario where cops protect cops regardless of wrongdoing. However, little by little that wall of silence has been weakened and in many cases torn down completely.

Recent evidence of this "wall of silence" collapse occurred recently in Florida, where a 50-year-old sergeant in the Orange County Sheriffs Department was arrested for driving while intoxicated in his police vehicle.

Sgt. Kevin Meyer, now stands accused of crashing into another vehicle while in uniform.

He is a 23 year veteran of the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Meyer, was arrested in his police vehicle by Florida State Troopers while on his way to earning extra money at Disney World.

According to news reports, the troopers arrested Meyer two hours after the crash having refused to take a field sobriety test. Meyer was then later forced to take a breathalyzer test by his own agency where he reportedly blew an alcohol level of .13, significantly higher than the allowable .08.

According to the Florida State Trooper’s report, Sgt. Meyer had allowed the witnesses of the crash to leave the scene without collecting any of the required contact information.

Sgt. Myer’s DUI trial is scheduled to begin on July 1.

As for that blue – walled code of silence?