Jefferson Hamer (left) and Eamon O’Leary are The Murphy Beds. 

The Blarney Star Concert Series at Glucksman Ireland House in Manhattan is looking forward to a great season of Friday nights there under the directorship of Don Meade.  Coming up on Friday, September 27 is the unique pairing of Eamon O’Leary and Jefferson Hamer, collectively known as the Murphy Beds, who display a very contemporary approach to traditional roots ballads.

They released a sublime recording almost a year ago containing 10 gorgeous ballads from the Irish and English folk canon well known to the native Dubliner O’Leary and the Americana stream where Hamer’s music flourishes.

Their harmony singing is first rate, enhanced by their sympathetic accompaniment on guitar, bouzouki or mandolin. Last year’s launch at the Brass Monkey in Greenwich Village was one of the most exceptional events I attended due to their performance and the gathering of musicians who turned out for it and participated in it.
The acoustics and sound engineering at the Blarney Star will make for a similar brilliant night, and you can be sure some special guests will pop up as well.

Both O’Leary and Hammer are very busy folks with other projects, but they make the most of their time together whether it’s in a Lower East Side music session or some targeted tour or stage opportunities.

Following the great buzz around the U.S. for their new CD, they had a brief but successful five gig tour of Ireland concluding with the Galway Sessions Gig Festival in June.  Last month they experienced a real highlight in performing the folk anthem “This Land Is My Land” with 94-year-old Pete Seeger at 2013 Summer Hoot in Ashokan, New York.

The Blarney Star ( shows start at 8 p.m.  Coming up later this year are piper Emmett Gill and fiddler Jesse Smith (October 11), Matt and Shannon Heaton (November 15) and Open the Door for Three CD launch in NYC with piper Kieran O’Hare, fiddler Liz Knowles and singer/accompanist Pat Broaders (December 6).