Joe Biden and his crew running at the Pittsburgh St. Patrick's Day parade

Team Obama had designed to piggy back on the popularity of the huge St. Patrick's Day parade in Pittsburgh and turn it into a campaign photo op for their political purposes.  Obama supporters had even spread through the thousands of onlookers along the parade route handing out  "I heart O'Bama" signs, so they would be displayed prominently on national news. They dusted off  and quaffed Vice President Joe Biden, to headline the parade.  Biden, in the eyes of Obama campaign strategists, was the perfect choice to represent the Obama administration in this all important state. Joe is a native Pennsylvanian and has always represented himself as a regular working class guy. 

But something went horribly wrong for Biden as he wended his way through the streets of Pittsburgh.  The generally jubilant, cheering crowd celebrating the St. Patrick's Day parade, suddenly turned to boos, when the Vice President turned down Stanwix Street. Cheers faded into jeers as the crowd laid eyes on the 6 term Senator turned Vice President.

It seemed there was a pent up demand from the crowd to be able to show in person to the Obama administration, just how displeased they were with the Obama policies. 

Any positive political cache Obama strategists thought they were going to get from this parade,evaporated as Biden passed by the hostile crowd. But being the trained political veteran that he was,  Biden continued to smile as he passed between the gauntlet of unhappy constituents.
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There were some positive photo ops of Biden passing through supporters that day, with the "I heart O'Bama" signs in the background, but what is making national news and filling the airwaves are the sensationalized videos and photos depicting the unhappy crowd.

Perhaps the Obama campaign strategists, should have taken into consideration the large segment of Irish Catholic citizens who feel offended and betrayed by the Obama administrations decision to force Catholic institutions to pay for abortion procedures and contraceptives.

On the other hand, the crowd might still be smarting by some of Joe Bidens famous "gaffes" directed at them.  Like when he called certain American citizens "terrorists" for not supporting Obamas economy breaking budget requests. Or when he promised America the almost 1 trillion Obama stimulus was going to create 500K new jobs per month, or telling American citizen rapes and murders would increase if Republicans didn't pass Obamas "jobs" bill....Are citizens starting to catch on?

American citizens don't feel the "love" from this administration when they go to the service station and fill their cars up with fuel that has doubled in price since Obama/Biden took office. Contrary to the Administrations claim that unemployment has dropped to almost 8.3%, this doesn't account for the millions of Americans who were dropped off the unemployment rolls as their benefits ended.

Recent pols show 67% of Americans are not in favor of the administrations health care bill that was pushed through in a non partisan manner and they want it repealed, if the Supreme Court doesn't do it first.

With these raw feelings of anger and disappointment gnawing at them, many Americans feel they rarely get a chance to be heard by this administration, so when the opportunity arises.....they don't hesitate to use it.

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