I wanna be Paddys Girl... aka Bean Pháidín  (gaeilge)

A jealous woman sings of stalking her love, Paddy, into Ballinaboy and Clifden in County Galway.  She secretly peeks into the windows hoping to get a glance of Paddy's wife (for it is her bitter sorrow, that she is not the wife of Paddy ! )  At the Irish Roots Cafe we refer to this song as " I wanna be Paddy's Girl ' ! .
  She deserves to be the one to come back in the boat with Paddy, and she's worn out the soles and heels of her shoes, in the stalking of him !
A traditional Irish, 'old style', sean Nós song.  Early version sung here by Mike O'Laughlin at the Irish Roots Cafe. As recorded by Irishroots.com in preparation for his upcoming 2nd album, scheduled for release December 2013.