Floral skater dress-€38
A|wear is one of the few Irish high street stores we have to celebrate and celebrate we do. It's something to be proud of and kind of ace that it holds it's own next to the SuperPowers like Topshop and River Island.

It's more down to earth, more accessible maybe even a more predictable but that's what we love. When you go in the doors you know what to expect and you get what you're looking for.

Their fans are ferociously loyal and A|wear's willingness to listen to what they want and communicate with them directly has put them at the front of the field especially where social media is concerned. Going on to their Facebook is like chatting with an old friend; no hard sell or dodgy promotions, just banter.

Spring/Summer sees A|wear go in a new direction. Not away from their old customers, but towards new ones. Their collections are more trend driven than they've been in the past with a sharp eye on catwalk looks and a translation into wearable pieces. Accessories also need to be noted, especially the handbags, I was seriously impressed.

How is this relevant or interesting to you, you're asking!? Well, A|wear's online store has been building for the past few years and their international shipping has steadily increased to places like Australia, New Zealand and the good old US of A. Plus, it only costs a tenner. You can shop here... 

My three favorite pieces for the season below:
Floral skater dress-€38 (See picture above)
Turquoise woven clutch €22

Leopard Crop Knit €35
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