Casey Anthony and attorney Jose Baez in court
With the unjust verdict in the Casey Anthony trial months behind us, some of the outrage about the failure in our justice system had started to simmer. But the epitome of that legal failure by manipulation grabbed the spotlight, and outrage has flamed anew.

Attorney Jose Baez, still strutting with pride from his masterful hoodwinking of the Florida Jury, was able to grab the spotlight again this week when he paraded his new client, accused murderer Gary Giordono in front of the television cameras in Aruba.

Giordono in an eery similarity to missing American teen, Natalie Holloway, has been accused of murdering his girlfriend, Robyn Gardner, while vacationing with her on Aruba. He was the last person to be seen with her while they went snorkeling together off a secluded Aruban beach. Giordono claims Gardner was pulled out to sea by a strong current as they snorkeled near the shore.

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Aruban authorities jailed him for almost 4 months while they conducted a massive search for the missing woman and checked his changing alibis for clues. It didn't help Giordonos case for authorities to learn that he had purchased a multi million dollar life insurance policy on the missing woman the day they left for their vacation. It cast further doubt on his alibi when it was learned he had been anxiously calling the insurance company to inform them of the disappearance of the woman and to check that the policy was still in force.

"The case does not end here,” Aruba’s Solicitor General Taco Stein vowed. “Mr. Giordano will remain our prime suspect. We know he is lying; His story is not true.”

The outrageous irony in all of this certainly didn't fail to disturb many Americans as we remembered another infamous murderer set free by Aruba, Joren Vandersloop. He is the confessed killer of another teenager and last person seen with Natalie Holloway who has been "missing" ever since her visit to Aruba on a high school class outing.

Vandersloop, like Casey Anthony was jailed by authorities because of bizarre alibis which changed as frequently as the tides which which rip past the infamous island. Vandersloot was finally released by Aruban authorities, due to"lack of evidence." Many believed Vandersloot's escape from justice was orchestrated, aided and abetted by his Father, who just happened to be a prominent judge on the island.

Vandersloot went on to further infamy when he was arrested for the murder of another young woman in Peru. But this time, unluckily for Vandersloot, the crime wasn't committed in Aruba. Peruvian authorities don't take kindly to foreigners murdering their citizens and have not treated him with the kid gloves Aruba handled him with. Peruvian authorities didn't believe the pathological lies/alibi Vandersloot fed them and have imprisoned him on overwhelming evidence of murder. It seems that Vandersloot's final home will be in a Peruvian prison.

Is Jose Baez planning on visiting Peru in the near future?

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