Just two years ago, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, deemed the nations business important enough to keep the House in Session until Christmas Eve. Not until they passed President Obama's signature legislation of Obamacare, did she release the members to return to their homes.

That was two years ago. Today we are faced with pressing business on all fronts and instead of working together to solve the problems, our politicians want to put a temporary band aid over them and jet out of town on vacation.

Harry Reid and the Senate cobbled together a 2 month fix, which they then dumped in the lap of the House and promptly left Washington DC. Apparently they thought the House would go along with another temporary band aid, sign it and leave town themselves. They knew the President would sign it as he was pressured because Michelle and the kids had already flown to Hawaii. Rumors were that Air Force 1 was sitting at Andrews Air force Base, jet engines idling, ready to whisk the President to Hawaii.
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But the House of Representatives put a wrench into vacation plans. They think the nation deserves better than a 2 month stop gap measure and told the Senate, lead by Harry Reid, to get back to work and make the deal for a year.

The House, lead by Speaker John Boehner, said the present bill isn't practical and it won't work. Furthermore there is a huge oil pipeline project being held up for political purposes only, it needs to get the go ahead now, not be delayed until after next years elections. The pipeline means thousand of jobs for Americans.

The House has found ways to pay for this 1 year tax extension, unlike other proposals that just keep piling debt upon more debt. So it should be a simple matter for the Senate and the President to agree, rather than grandstand and point fingers while the American public sits in limbo.

Governor Chris Christie said it best, when he questioned President Obama's leadership abilities. Christie blamed him for the gridlock in Washington and said: What are we paying this guy for?

The American people are taking it a step further and saying what are we paying all of these politicians for? Is this all we're getting for the money? Get back to Washington and stay there until you get your job done.

It was OK to keep everyone there for Obamacare, there is no reason why they can't stay there to get this important legislation passed too. Merry Christmas!

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