The anti-immigrant group Alipac is making a nasty effort to frighten undocumented immigrants from filling out the census forms.

At least that's the only conclusion I can draw from their calls for Census data to be used to detect and deport undocumented immigrants.

This flies in the face of eveything the Census is intended to achieve.

Which is a true and honest account of the population in the United States.

It doesn't matter whether or not you like the conclusions, the important thing is that an accurate measurement be taken.

But Alipac clearly doesn't like the way the U.S. is heading with an increasingly diverse population.

Their press release claims that "Illegal immigrants are being targeted with taxpayer funded ads
in Spanish encouraging them to fill out the Census, so they will get more taxpayer resources and have more political power."

Alipac claims that this amounts to "theft of representation from lawful Americans."

"We want Congress to take action now to authorize and require the use of census data collected to identify illegal aliens, exclude them from the census count for tax resources and Congressional redistricting, and to detain and deport those found in violation of our immigration laws," says spokesman William Gheen.

Alipac credits itself with stopping any efforts at immigration reform over the past five years.

They says they have 30,000 supporters nationwide while the pro-immigrant groups have tens of thousands more, if not hundreds of thousands more.

Be interesting to see what happens in the mid-terms in November.