Right on the heels of loose cannon Alec Baldwin's slam of Ronald Reagan, a political bomb thrower of a different stripe stepped up to the very hot mic. While on the Sean Hannity radio program today, right wing conservative firebrand, Ann Coulter used her razor sharp tongue to describe Irish American Ted Kennedy as a pestilence on America.

If it wasn't for the fact I had tuned in to get pollster Frank Luntz's breakdown of the GOP Presidential debate last night, I probably wouldn't have been listening today. But after I listened to Mr. Luntz critique the debate in his scientific style, I kept the radio on a bit longer when Ann Coulter came on.

What caused me to pause was the ease of the pestilence description as it slipped off her tongue, in an off the cuff monologue describing the evils of liberalism. Said in such a matter of fact way, as if it is common knowledge and only an idiot would dispute her intelligent opinion on the pestilence matter. Very similar to the way Al Gore lectures us that man caused global warming is "settled science." Proven, settled fact, lets move on.

Now I have heard many unflattering descriptions of Saint Ted over the years, but have never heard him described as a pestilence before, maybe I just wasn't tuning in. Of course those critiques of Ted Kennedy came while he was still a living breathing member of the Senate, causing the mischief which Ann Coulter is criticizing him for.

But Ted left this world a couple of years ago and is not around to defend himself. So is it really necessary to use such derogatory language in grinding his memory into the dirt like that? Besides as I wrote in an earlier piece, the Kennedy family gave a lot to America including their lives. Lets let the Brothers rest in peace, if we have disputes with Teds lawmaking, lets change them through legislation.

The Reagan and Kennedy names are synonymous and symbolic of powerful Irish Americans in our nations history, let's respect those names. They have made an indelible mark on our country and culture. Lets keep their names out of the current vitriolic language, they can't stand up on the podium and fire back at their critics like they used to. They've already fought their last battles, let's keep their names out of the current battles.

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