A group of protesters, including men, women and children, gathered at the home of the former bank chief Sean FitzPatrick over the weekend, demanding that he be thrown in hail.

However a large police presence out numbered the 30 or so protesters.

Sean FitzPatrick is the former chairman of the Anglo Irish Bank and owes the nationalized bank $150million (€110m).

A source close to the FitzPatrick family said that the disgraced bank chief was abroad.

"He is rarely in the house now, Sean still thinks he has done nothing wrong," the source told the Irish Independent.

The protest was organized by the Right to Work campaign and began on the main street in Greystones, Co. Wicklow before marching in the rain to Mr Fitzpatricks home.

James O'Toole, chairman of the campaign,said: "Sean FitzPatrick is just indicative of the whole rich classes in the country who haven't been touched,"

"I don't really have a message for Sean FitzPatrick, but I do have a message to the people in power -- we need to put Sean FitzPatrick in jail," he added.