Gun sales are breaking records throughout America as Christmas approaches. Is it just the holiday spirit of giving that is spurring these sales? Or is it Americans realization that gun ownership is the last line of defense in self protection?

Either way, the FBI has been flooded with record breaking numbers of requests for background checks from gun dealers. Gun dealers are required to send these forms in to the FBI when customers purchase a firearm. In some states citizens are not allowed to walk out of the store with a new weapon at time of sale, there is a several day waiting period.

Many existing firearm owners and new owners are expressing concern that the government may start to clamp down on gun ownership rights by attacking the 2nd Amendment to the constitution, which guarantees their right to own and bear firearms.

Coincidentally the current volume of gun sales broke the previous record sent in 2008, the first year of the Obama administration. President Obama and Attorney General Eric holder have both expressed opinions that firearm sales are too lax and need to have heavier regulation.

Interestingly, the unfolding gun running scandal known as "Fast and Furious" may have had a secret motive behind it to show a need for stricter controls. A Congressional investigation is ratcheting up to determine just who authorized the scheme and why. But as a result of Fast and Furious, Mexico via Arizona, was flooded with dangerous weapons which fell into the hands of criminals and drug cartels. These illegal firearms have been responsible for thousands of deaths.

But if the intent of F & F was to tighten gun sales, it looks as if it has backfired. Americans are now buying more weapons, possibly as the result of Fast and Furious. The statistics behind the new gun purchasers in the United States show an interesting cross section of who these purchasers are.

Women seem to be purchasing guns in greater numbers, either for self protection or sport purposes. It bears out the trend that women are breaking stereotypes in yet another area that was once a domain of men; gun ownership. This could stem from a variety of cultural reasons, including that women are living alone and want self protection. Women are also enjoying outdoor firearm sports in growing numbers, such as target shooting and hunting.

Other new gun owners seem to be young professionals and young families seeking the security of having a firearm in their home for self protection. Instead of putting their faith in 911 as their last line defense of home and family, this new wave of gun owners is putting their faith in 9mm/.380 and .45 instead.

The National Rifle Association, the worlds largest gun advocacy organization, estimates there are 80 million gun owners in the United States...and the number is growing. This is a disturbing trend to those on the left who would like to see gun laws modeled after many European countries, severely curtailing gun ownership. Of course you must judge this thinking with the same desire of the left who want to model our economic system after Europe. How's that working out for you?

America is not Europe, as evidenced by immigration of an overwhelming number of people over the years moving from Europe to the freedoms that America offers. One of those freedoms is the right to bear arms. But along with that right comes the responsibility of practicing safe gun ownership AND keeping an eye on a government that wants to take your rights away.

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