Am I being too picky over who I'm dating?

Dear MTN,

I am a single guy in my thirties with a lot to offer a woman. I am a dentist, have been told I am good looking and own my own home. All of my friends have tried to fix me up on blind dates and they just can't get it right. They say their friend is beautiful and it is never true. I don't want to sound shallow, but I work out every day and am very health conscious, so I am looking for a lot in a woman. She needs to be beautiful, in good shape, smart, funny and looking for marriage and to eventually have children. Nothing has worked so far; do you think matchmaking would work for me? I have tried everything already.

Many years ago I tried a very expensive dating service and they went out of business on me. I really didn't care since it didn't work anyway. They told me there would be beautiful girls yet the three beautiful girls on their website were all on hold. I wasted $5,500. I once tried to date a patient and when it ended, I lost her and her whole family as patients; so I will never do that again. I went on an interview to an events company, but the price was ridiculous and they also charged money for each event and charged a monthly fee. It just didn't make sense to me at all. They also had pictures on the wall and It looked like all people twice my age. When I started to ask the sales rep questions about how many beautiful girls she had in my age range, she didn't answer the question and turned into a pushy sales person. I walked out! I tried the Internet for a month and every girl I met didn't look anything like her picture. It was a total waste of my time.

Do you think I am being too picky? Are there any beautiful girls in your program in their twenties or thirties who fit what I am looking for?  I have read a lot of great articles on you and you are basically my last resort. Can you help me? 

Thank you so much. 

- Paul

Dear Paul,

Yes I do have many girls in those age ranges who fit what you are looking for. I specialize in successful businessmen since I have so many beautiful and intelligent girls in my program. In fact all of my 1200 clients are truly "the best of the best" singles on Long Island and in New York.

I understand that you are frustrated but believe me when I say, it is not you; it was just the vehicles you chose. It's very hard for friends to find the "right one" for you. If it doesn't work out, you run the risk of losing the friendship. Nothing is worth that. Dating your patients is also a big no-no for the same reason. Dating services all went out of business in New York because they accepted everyone, but claimed to be "high end." The events for singles process is geared to a much older crowd than you. Successful singles in your age range are also too busy to go to events. Lastly the Internet is the worst choice for you, since you are simply too good for that vehicle. The Internet is for everyone and anyone. There is absolutely no screening process at all.

You will find many beautiful girls in my program, but it is even better than that. For a relationship to work and last you need both chemistry and compatibility. I specialize in the compatibility part, and I show my clients photos, so you will get to see the photos before you say yes to her and you know before meeting her that you already have some sort of chemistry.

I am glad you took the time to see the articles on me so I don't have to say anything more than to simply call for your free consultation and you will meet with me personally. Please call 516-444-2861. You sound like a great catch, so I am looking forward to meeting you.

This is also a great time to join because many people make New Year's Resolutions in January. Most single people decide to find love this month. We usually bring in the most singles in the month of January. Happy New Year Paul and I hope to see you soon! - MTN