Alec Baldwin declared war on conservative media giant Sean Hannity yesterday, when he Tweeted out: "Is there a bigger idiot alive than Sean Hannity"? Sean answered that question by saying today: "Yes Alec, I can think of one right now...You!"

Sean had been on a self imposed gag order on commenting about Alec's inappropriate comments because he made a promise to Alec's brother Stephen, not to engage in negativity with his Brother. But today on his radio show, Sean took the gag out, took the gloves off and went after Baldwin.

Hannity is a natural Irish brawler anyway and never backs down from a fight. Alec Baldwin has already been on the losing end of a verbal run in with Sean a few years back when they sparred on a radio program. Baldwin got so flabbergasted that he ended up doing a tirade on live radio, trying to demean Sean by calling him a no talent, former construction worker. Come on Alec is that all you've got?

Sean Hannity says he is not going to take anymore abuse from Alec and called him a thug, bully and an angry bitter liberal during his radio show today.(Angry bitter liberal? Can you get any lower) He says that he is going to help Alec by addressing his famous anger management problems, a sort of Alec Baldwin intervention. Hannity dedicated today's show as the "special angry Alec Baldwin show", interspersing the entire time with snippets and excerpts of Alec Baldwin's public outbursts.

Sean says Alec Baldwins past behavior shows he is a self centered narcissist and doesn't care for anyone else but himself. Baldwin delayed a planeload of fellow passengers when he threw a tantrum when the flight attendant reminded him all electronic devices must be turned off. Baldwins tantrum caused the Captain to turn the aircraft around and taxi back to the gate, where Baldwin was thrown off the flight.

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Sean even went into how Alec had demeaned his 11 year old daughter Ireland over the phone. Unfortunately for Alec, his tirade was secretly taped then released to the public by his ex-wife, Kim Basinger. Baldwin had since apologized for the outburst towards his daughter and had started to rehabilitate his public image.

Of course I wrote a recent column on how Alec had done a very critical hit piece on President Reagan, which in my opinion is totally inappropriate since he isn't around to stick up for himself. For sure President Reagan would mop the floor with the likes of an Alec Baldwin...I could just hear him say with a smile, "Well Alec, there you go again"

Sean is hugely popular with a daily audience of over 14 million listeners and viewers worldwide, anything he does gets great attention. Contrary to Baldwins tweet that Sean is an idiot, Hannity has displayed his mental prowess for years in the media, sparring and destroying those that try to battle him with their dogma. He is fully armed with facts and definitely kissed the Blarney Stone. Anyone willing to step into the ring with him, better have done their homework.

My advice to Alec: Be careful who you pick a fight with.

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