Mushatt's isn’t yet a household name in America, but Michael Foley is determined to change that. Foley has been the president of Mushatts LLC, since 2010 and since then has worked hard to introduce his company to other parts of the world.  

Mushatt's has a rich history in Ireland where it helped thousands of poor families overcome ailments that beset them during the tenement days of poverty.

Harry Mushatt set up his “chemist” shop in Dublin’s poorest tenement district, known as the Liberties in the 1920’s. An excerpt from “Dublin Tenement Life” helps explain what the times were like back then:

You never saw doctors.  You could go to a chemist and even if your throat was cut, he’d give you a cure for it.  He’d put a dressing on it.  Mr. Mushatt was in Francis Street-he was the masterpiece, for a bad chest, bad back…..from north, south, east and west, people’d  come for them.  People trusted him as he concocted his own old fashioned medicines in the rear compounding room.  His lotions, potions, and tablets were thought to be the purest medicines.  People really believed in them, swore by them.”

No one was more famous than Harry Mushatt and his brother who served the people of the “Liberties” for nearly half a century from their tiny shop on Francis Street.

Harry Mushatt tells it like it is back then in “Dublin Tenement Life:”

We made our own medicines in the shop. My brother and I made up forty-four different preparations, from skin ointments, psoriasis ointments, foot pastes, stomach bottles, skin crèmes, tablets for kidneys, headaches, neuralgia….all different things. Oh, there was a bond of trust and they’d come into the shop and it would be packed out.  Tenement people, if one wasn’t feeling well, or met with an accident, Go to Mushatts!, they’d say....They came from all over Dublin”

The chemists and apothecaries of that by-gone era have now been replaced by impersonal chain store pharmacies, it is hard to find that personal touch and relationship that Harry Mushatt gave to his community.

Yet after all of these years, Mushatt's is still carrying on the family tradition of helping folks with their unique brand of remedies. 

Although Harry Mushatt and his brother are long gone, their carefully guarded secret notebook with the formula for every one of their potions and compounds has been handed down to a new generation of pharmacist.  Sean Foley  has made available Mushatt's medicines at his Foley Pharmacy on Thomas Street in Dublin and far beyond.

Mushatt's No. 9 skin therapy products have been making inroads throughout the US and Europe under the careful guidance of Michael Foley, an Irishman, with an extensive background in running successful international business operations.

Foley was longtime CEO of Heineken USA and later served as CEO of Aer Lingus, besides other roles in his extensive background in business.

The successful use of the Mushatt's secret notebook, with relief from so many of mankind’s maladies, has translated into comfort  for the millions of people who purchase Mushatt's products in Ireland, the US and Europe.

Listen to their therapeutic uses here

Mushatt’s No. 9 range of medicated ointments and creams are made to the original 1922 formulation and contain unique ingredients to treat psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions and are body specific to treat the scalp, skin or face. Clinical tests have shown Mushatt’s No. 9 products to be hypoallergenic and a non-irritant.

Mushatts is available from most major on line pharmacies, including,, CVS .com,, as well as a growing number of good retail pharmacy stores throughout the USA.