Trying not to be a grump.
Dear MTN,

I need some advice on how to be more optimistic in regards to love and relationships because to be honest I have become a bit jaded. Maybe I am too picky but after dating for a decade I have only met a handful of men I would ever even consider dating. Usually I have an initial interest but then after spending any kind of significant time with the person I end up not interested at all.

I have been in long term relationships but during these relationships I have always strayed to have an exciting two weeks with someone that caught my eye on a whim. However, any interest I had was short lived, and any feelings were fleeting. I know I can not essentially just keep jumping from rock to rock every time someone sparks my interest but I want to know if there will ever be someone that can keep my attention. I am just about ready to give up on the idea that there can be a lasting love.

- Dani

Dear Dani,

Dani, the key to a loving, long lasting relationship is for a couple to have both compatibility and chemistry. So far in your love life, you have just been seeking a relationship based upon chemistry. If you have chemistry without the compatibility part, the chemistry will dwindle, which has been happening to you.

So how do you find a man who is compatible to you? I admit, it is very hard. With so many different personality types out there, it is very difficult to find someone who has the same interests as you do, once the initial barriers come down and your true personalities come out. That process usually takes about six months and then unfortunately you realize you were never really compatible in the first place. Typically what kept you together for that time was simply chemistry.

I am proud to say that at Maureen Tara Nelson Private Matchmaking, our expertise is in matching couples up that are in fact compatible to each other, so you don't have to waste the initial six months period of hoping if you are compatible. Since I match all my 1200 clients up personally, I know right away who is compatible to you. Then I give the fun part, which is to have chemistry, to you. You get to see the photos of your match, and then tell me yes or no to meeting them.

Therefore, my usual advice is to try dating on your own for a full six months to see if you can find both compatibility and chemistry by yourself, but if it takes longer than that, let me do the work. I love what I do, and so does my entire staff. If you’re interested Dani, since you have already tried way longer than six months, I suggest you come in for your free consultation and you will meet with me personally. Call
516-444-2861 and mention this question, and you will receive a discount. I hope to see you soon!