Irish Arts Center
There is another star-studded post-graduate seminar in store for New York City area residents thanks to the Irish Arts Center and Dr. Mick Moloney coming up on Thursday, October 13 at Symphony Space at 8 p.m.

The history lesson this time is an entertaining look at the early musical theater popularized in New York City late in the 19th century spilling over into the early 20th century that preceded Broadway as we know it.

Pegged to the 100th anniversary of Edward “Ned” Harrigan’s death, it will feature a musical tour d’horizon of the music of Harrigan and Hart (Tony) and their collaborator David Braham.

Entitled 'A Tribute to Harrigan and Hart: The Original Men Who Owned Broadway,' Moloney has once again assembled Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks, the Green Fields of America, Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra, Dana Lyn, Susan McKeown, John Roberts and more in a multi-media performance depicting the historical significance contained in the work of those trailblazing Irish-influenced composers.

Moloney has uncovered a treasure trove of songs describing the lives of working-class immigrants like the Irish who made their adaptations to life in the Melting Pot of old New York in earlier shows and recordings like McNally’s Row of Flats.

Tickets can be ordered at 212-864-5400 or via for the Upper West Side theater on Broadway and 95th Street. For more information visit