Learning to fly - back on solid ground

An 81-year-old Irish lady, Ailsa, took part in a bungee swing in New Zealand.

The video shows a relaxed lady who shouts “Yes I do want the video, cause they will not believe me at home”.

She goes on to say that she’s not scared now and waves “bye bye”.

When her landing on the platform doesn’t quite go to plan she can be heard threatening the technician saying she’ll send her husband after him.

Upon hitting down on solid ground, after being airborne for about four minutes, her companions ask if she feels okay. She says “I’m okay” and waves enthusiastically at the camera.

Broadsheet posted the video on Tuesday. They said the footage came from Lisa Sheppard who wrote:

“This is my 81-year-old-grand Aunt Maureen from Gibbstown in County Meath doing the Nevis bungee swing in New Zealand! She did it because they had a sign saying “free for anyone over 75″.

They had said at the Nevis swing they haven’t had anybody older than her doing it! She said it was very relaxing and would highly recommend it!”

Here's the footage: 

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