At the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, is the plaque that says: Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses. OK, enough already, we have all of them we can use.

The shocking statistics tell a tale of a failing immigration system, when 57% of immigrants with children in America, legal and illegal, are on some sort of public assistance. Where's the benefit of this for American citizens?

States all over America are staggering under the enormous debt of entitlements and part of that debt is incurred by massive waves of immigrants, up to 20 million illegal aliens are included in this.

But is there something sinister underlying this wave of immigrants, who are burdening our welfare systems? Some say it seems to be aided and abetted by political leaders who look upon these immigrants on the dole as huge voter blocs who will vote for the politicians who give them the most benefits. As an aside, it was revealed 70% of people who receive free healthcare in Massachusetts are illegal aliens.

It almost seems the modus operandi of this government is to encourage, aid and abet the exodus of good paying jobs out of this country and import massive amounts of poor immigrants who are getting on the dole. Just look at who the White House chief on job development in our country is: Jeff Immelt, the CEO of GE who is an exporter of American jobs out of our country.

Any states that try to get a handle on their illegal immigration burden by enacting laws and statutes that actually mimic the federal laws, are immediately set upon by the justice department and buried in lawsuits.

Some of the louder voices in the Congressional Black Caucus have actually started to question President Obamas economic policies and are complaining that their constituents are suffering high rates of unemployment. Of course in the next breath they blame the Tea Party!...Hello!

If you want to help the unemployment rate, get a handle on the legal and illegal immigration probelm. We need to close the borders NOW and enforce the immigration laws NOW that are on the books. Include the enforcement of requiring sponsors for immigrants to be economically responsible for them, instead of becoming burdens on the American taxpayer.

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