Della with the three ducklings
An Irish cat who is raising three ducklings as her own on a farm in Co. Offaly has become an Internet sensation.

The farm family consists of three kittens, three ducklings and a mother cat called Della.

The cat went missing with the three ducklings soon after they were born. Ronan and Emma Lally who own the farm, feared the worst, but the cat had other ideas rather than having a tasty lunch.

They discovered the cat began mothering the baby chicks and has continued to do so along with her own kittens. The ducklings are eleven days old and have been with the cat since they were two days old.

According to the Daily Edge, experts from Birdwatch Ireland have said that in the next 7-10 days the relationship between the cats and the ducks is likely to change.

AMAZING Cat Feeding Ducklings DAY 6

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