No longer able to keep the lid on countless political pots, rumors swirl that change is coming to leadership at the highest level of Washington.

The news of Nebraska's Senator Ben Nelson (D) retiring, came as no shock to those who follow such things. The decision to give up his 12 year Senate seat was his realization that the support he gave to Obamacare, caused him massive unpopularity with his fellow Nebraskans. Instead of being swept out of office in the upcoming elections, he opted to "retire" in order to spend more "time with his family"

If the upcoming Supreme Courts review of the Obamacare law finds it to be unconstitutional, it will be a major blow to those that supported and rammed it through Congress. No holds were barred subverting long standing Senate rules in order to accomplish it. It is and was, the signature legislation of the Obama administration and many legal experts are betting that the court will rule against it. Rumors now swirl that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, both architects of Obamacare, long to "retire."

But there are a whole flock of chickens ready to come home to roost as a result of poor leadership and poor decisions for the last three years in Washington. That roost is going to get very crowded and uncomfortable as the election season heats up and scrutiny is brought upon key issues that have lead to Americas roiling economy and the many hot spots in the world turn into fires. This time when the politicians try to kick another can down the road to avoid dealing with a touch decision, they will find that it has been filled with concrete and anchored to the ground.

The failing economy will highlight the fixation on ramming health care legislation through, instead of focusing on making Americas economic health a priority. This will be a major campaign issue.

The Middle East has so many issues that are ready to explode and every one of them can be critical to world peace as well as the financial stability of the world. But probably the most pressing one is Iran and it's quest for nuclear weapons almost within it's grasp. The can can't be kicked down the road any longer. If action isn't brought to bear, the world will be faced with nuclear armed mullahs, whose goal is to bring a world caliphate, either in this world, or the next.

Of course the Middle East wouldn't have the power over us if leadership in Washington had taken steps to aggressively pursue a national policy of making us energy independent. Instead, Obama focused on the politics of energy by funneling billions into failed projects like Solyndra. It will be noted during this years campaigns that 80% of the DOE "green energy" loans went to Obama backers. In the meantime Keystone Pipeline is kicked down the road and many other key energy decisions are put off, making America vulnerable and dependent.

The European economic meltdown plainly shows where out of control entitlement spending will lead America. The European entitlement state is an economic dead end, a Punji pit that kills economies. 2012 will be a showdown between those that want to follow the Europeans into economic oblivion and those that want to restore fiscal sanity. Americans will be looking for leaders that have experience in proven real world economic policy.

Republicans for their part have taken stands on issues made to their constituents. But whether it has been a balanced budget amendment, massive cuts in the budget, approval of the Keystone Pipeline, even the rescission of the law mandating mercury laden light bulbs, they have been outmaneuvered. Many Republican lawmakers have expressed dissatisfaction with their leadership in the Congress and Senate for not being wily enough to be able to get their goals accomplished. Will that mean a Republican revolt and new Republican leaders? Stay tuned.

But for the first time in the last three years, Republicans will pick a leader to go head to head with Obama and the rest of the Democrat leadership. Instead of speaking with many voices and many different messages, Republicans will have a bully pulpit to speak from. For the first time in three years, President Obama will have a record to run on and a record he can be questioned about.

America is looking forward to a new year with promise of wholesale changes in the leadership of our country. The old axiom of "when in doubt, throw them out" seems like it might gain traction this year.

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