Here are 50 of the questions that U.S. naturalization candidates can be asked during a citizenship interview, as provided by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. IrishCentral has provided the answers these questions, as well.


1. What are the colors of our flag?
2. What do the stars on the flag mean?
3. How many stars are there on our flag?
4. What color are the stars on our flag?
5. How many stripes are there on our flag?
6. What do the stripes on the flag represent?
7. What colors are the stripes on the flag?
8. How many states are there in the union (the U.S.)?
9. What do we celebrate on the 4th of July?
10. Independence Day celebrates independence from whom?
11. What country did we fight during the Revolutionary War?
12. Who was the first president of the U.S.?
13. Who is the president of the U.S. today?
14. Who is the vice president of the U.S. today?
15. Who elects the president of the U.S.?
16. Who becomes president if the president dies?
17.   What is the Constitution?
18. What do we call changes to the Constitution?
19. How many changes, or amendments, are there to the Constitution?
20. What are the three branches of our government?
21. What is the legislative branch of our government?
22. What makes up Congress?
23. Who makes the federal laws in the United States?
24. Who elects Congress?
25. How many senators are there in Congress?
26. For how long do we elect each senator?
27. Name two senators from your state.
28. How many voting members are in the House of Representatives?
29. For how long do we elect each member of the House of Representatives?
30. Who is the head of the Executive branch of the U.S. government?
31. For how long is the president elected?
32. What is the highest part of the Judiciary branch of our government?
33. What are the duties of the Supreme Court?
34. What is the supreme law of the U.S.?
35. What is the Bill of Rights?
36. What is the capital of the state you live in?
37. Who is the current governor of the state you live in?
38. Who becomes president if both the president and vice president die?
39. Who is chief justice of the Supreme Court?
40. What were the original 13 states?
41. Who said, “Give me liberty or give me death?”
42. Name some countries that were our enemies during World War II.
43. What was the 49th state added to our union (the U.S.)?
44. How many full terms can a President serve?
45. Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?
46. What are some of the requirements to be eligible to become president?
47. Why are there 100 senators in the U.S. Senate?
48. Who nominates judges for the Supreme Court?
49.    How many Supreme Court justices are there?
50.    Why did the Pilgrims come to America?
1. Red, white and blue.
2. One for each state.
3. There are 50 stars.
4. The stars are white.
5. There are 13 stripes.
6. The first 13 states.
7. The stripes are red and white.
8. 50 states.
9. Independence Day.
10. Independence from Great Britain.
11. We fought Great Britain in the Revolutionary War.
12. George Washington.
13. George W. Bush.
14. Dick Cheney.
15. The Electoral College.
16. The vice president.
17. The supreme law of the land.
18. Amendments.
19. 27 amendments.
20. Executive, Judicial and Legislative.
21. Congress.
22. The Senate and the House of Representatives.
23. Congress.
24. The citizens of the U.S.
25. There are 100 senators in Congress, two from each state.
26. Six years.
27. In New York, Charles Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton.
28. There are 435 voting members in the House of Representatives.
29. Two years.
30. The president.
31. The president is elected for four years.
32. The Supreme Court.
33. To interpret and explain the laws.
34. The Constitution.
35. The first 10 amendments to the Constitution.
36. In New York, Albany.
37. In New York, George Pataki.
38. The speaker of the House
39. John G. Roberts.
40.   Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, North
Carolina, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Georgia
41. Patrick Henry.
42. Germany, Italy and Japan.
43. Alaska.
44. Two full terms.
45. A civil rights leader.
46.   A candidate for president must
• be a native-born, not naturalized, citizen,
• be at least 35 years old, and
• have lived in the U.S. for at least 14 years.
47. Each state elects two senators.
48. The president nominates judges for the Supreme Court.
49. There are nine Supreme Court Justices.

50. To gain religious freedom.