With gunshots still echoing, the first news reports from Tucson hit the wires: Congresswoman Gabby Giffords shot and critically injured, many others killed and wounded.  Within two hours of the event the spinners in the main stream media started politicizing the tragedy: Gunman was a Tea Partier, he was a militia member, he was inflamed by the hate speech and inflammatory rhetoric from Sarah Palin and  the right wing ... Even the local sheriff, Dupnik, jumped in the fray and blamed the act on the overheated rhetoric put out by the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. Glaringly, the sheriff is not ready for prime time.  The 3rd in command of the democrats in Congress, Clyburn flat out said Sarah Palin "didn’t grasp why her rhetoric was so troubling, regardless of the motivations of the alleged shooter."  All of this was eagerly lapped up by the main stream media and dished out to the world.

Where was the voice of reason of "lets not jump to conclusions before we know all of the facts," which President Obama was quick to issue immediately after the shooter at Fort Hood Texas killed 15 and wounded dozens while chanting allah akhbar?  Silence from the Whitehouse allowed the story to fester. 

This was a classic case of desperately wanting the facts to fit the desired outcome ... In doing so, the red flags of truth that fluttered out there just waiting to be discovered.  The left, after suffering gigantic defeats at the polls in November, were hoping for a Hail Mary pass to rescue them and this would be it, no matter what.  But sorry for them, the inconvenient truth was always there, it just had to be looked at: The gunman survived and is in custody, we find he is a deeply disturbed individual, a person with a history of drug use, brushes with the law and classmates and teachers who doubted his sanity and were fearful of him ... He never listened to talk radio or was he involved in politics ... but he fixated on congresswoman Gibbs a few years ago, long before there was a Tea Party, or Sarah Palin came on the scene.  Now will there be apologies to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party from those that libeled them?  Will the death threats to Palin and the head of the Tucson Tea Party be retracted? Will the main stream media write pieces un-doing their mischief and disinformation to the world?  I am waiting.