The "Bold and Fresh" tour featuring Bill O'Reilly and Glen Beck is coming soon to a theater near you next week.

The talking twosome are taking their odd couple act on the road promising to deliver the truth as only Fox News pundits can.

They will appear live at four venues and hundreds of theaters across the country will show the performance live.

This is where the Scott Brown tsunami came from, the kind of faithful gathering of the church of Bill and Beck which is a nightly phenomenon on Fox News and where names and reputations get made and torn down.

We can only guess what these events will sound like. Beck will see a communist conspiracy everywhere, O'Reilly will play the straight guy and try and keep Beck somewhat under control.

Not sure this is a good idea for O'Reilly. Beck is just the latest in a long line of fire-eaters who have taken the stage at a time when outspoken passion rules the roost.

O'Reilly has built his reputation in a far more restrained way, as the conservative voice of reason who does not fear the other side, as much as try and pick their arguments apart. Beck just goes for the jugular every time.

Fire-eating is fine until someone douses the flames and I think Beck will flame out like all the ultra-hard-right commentators before him.

O'Reilly on the other hand is an authentic voice of the American conservative. Let's hope he does not get burned being too close to the flame.

Be afraid, be very afraid!