The eternal question which weighs heavily on the minds of most men- what do women want?

A recent poll conducted by the Morning Crew on Dublin radio station 98 FM has finally unearthed the answer, or at least offered some suggestions as to what Irish women don’t want in a male companion.

Not surprising Irish women listed spitting as their biggest turn off.

1. Spitting
No need for that lads. If you insist, then do it discreetly and not in front of the lady.

2. White socks with black shoes
Down with that sort of thing. The only time a male beyond the age of six can pull this look off is for Halloween, or for an MJ tribute.

3. Long finger nails
Two words. Nail clippers. If you cannot even wash your hands and cut your nails, there’s not much hope for rest of your personal upkeep.

4. Bad teeth
People love a good set of nashers in Ireland, so much that many travel to the Northern Ireland just for the discounted orthodontic rates! Keep them brushed, straight and white.

5. Being too cheap
Put your hand in your pocket and off to treat a lady. There is nothing worse than a stingy man who glares at you after he finishs his pint, waiting for you to get the next round in. Irish men could learn a thing or two from their U.S. counterparts on financing dates.
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6. Being too flash with your cash
Hold your horses-- there is a happy medium here. There is no need to buy everyone at the bar a drink. Ostentatious displays of wealth not welcome.

7. Bad shoes
Every man needs a good pair of shoes. Winkle-pickers or white trainers do not qualify.

8. Bad breath
I think almost everyone would agree male or female that this is one of the biggest turn offs going.  There really is no excuse.

9. Men who don’t like pets
Now we are not asking you to sleep with the cat, but don’t flinch at the very sight of an animal. If you can’t get used to the pet how on earth will we ever introduce you to the potential in-laws.

10. Bluetooth headsets
There is a time and place for a Bluetooth headset—the car while you’re on a phone call. There is no need to go parading your headset around like the latest fashion accessory. Leave it out.