An Irish American matchmaker based on Long Island promises to find the perfect match for a single mother, and just in time for Mother’s Day  - free of charge!
Maureen Tara Nelson, a private matchmaker for nine years with 1,000-plus success stories, has offered to set up a single mother on a date with one of the hundreds of clients she has at her service.
Nelson, who is one of the few matchmakers who shows photos of her clients before they meet, is offering a free date and a dinner voucher for a mom who may be divorced, a single mother or a widow. 
Nelson, who is divorced herself, has a very successful reputation with divorced and/or single mothers.
“I take the time to find out what went wrong in their previous marriage, and show them how not to make those same mistakes here,” said Nelson.
“As humans, we are creatures of habit, and if left alone we just continue to repeat the same patterns over and over again -- that is until they meet me.  I truly mean it when I tell them, ‘Today is the first day of your life.’”

Nelson said she recognizes that it is a “very scary decision” for a woman to get back out in the dating field again, but she highly recommends it. The Long Island-based matchmaker currently has 750 clients.
“I can promise that all the men are looking for marriage, or a committed relationship that will hopefully one day lead to marriage, she said.  
“I have such wonderful, eligible suitors for all my ladies that it is easy for me to find the right one for the winner of the date.”
By offering a free date Nelson said she is giving back to the community and at the same time helping someone.
“It's giving support to a mom who is probably doing the same thing as I am doing -- devoting all her time to her children -- and not thinking of herself. We were not meant to be alone,” she adds.  
Irish Voice readers can write in and nominate a mother (their own mother, a friend or even themselves) who they feel deserves a chance at love, be it the first time or the 10th time. Nelson will review each letter and email and choose a mother that sounds like she is ready for a new relationship. 
After Nelson decides who the winner will be, she will meet with them and go through a few personal questions.
“I will simply just ask the lady all about herself and what she wants and doesn't want in a man.  By the end of the hour or so interview I will already be an expert on this lady and know how to match her accordingly,” she said.
Nelson will rifle through the hundreds of available suitors she has in her client database and find the most compatible person for the winner.
Before any date is set, the lucky mom will be given the gentleman’s information and picture.
“She gets the fun part of seeing his photo and saying yes or no and to see if she has chemistry with him,” shares Nelson.  
A selection of emails and letters may be printed in the Irish Voice before Mother’s Day. However, no personal information will be printed.
To nominate someone (or yourself) to have a one on one with a professional matchmaker and go on a date send emails explaining why you think this person deserves a shot at love. Email -- subject line Matchmaker.
Or write a letter to April Drew, Irish Voice, 875 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 2100, New York, New York, 10001.
For those not interested in the competition but wishing to contact Nelson, directly her email is or call 1-888-31-Match.