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A new bill being drafted by the Irish Government will ban fair skinned people and those under 18 from using sunbeds.

These new regulations will be introduced at the end of the year if the Bill is passed. It will rule out thousands of Irish adults with Celtic complexions for trying to go against nature and get a tan using a sunbed.

The new legislation aims to regulate the usage of sunbeds in Ireland. If the Bill is passed those who have Type 1 skin (typical fair Irish skin) will be banned for using tanning beds.  It will also require those who use sunbeds to sign consent forms.

Minister for Health, Mary Harney said “There has been a growing body of evidence over recent years, that the use of sunbeds, especially by children, should be restricted because of the associated increased risk of skin cancer and other health problems.

"Other recommendations by experts include ensuring that adequate protective eyewear is provided for users, providing users with information on the health risks associated with the use of sunbeds and prohibiting sunbed outlets and retailers from attributing health benefits to sunbed use”.

The Irish Cancer Society of Ireland pointed out that the incidence of skin cancer in Ireland has risen by nearly 75 percent over the 1997 to 2007.

“Concern regarding the dangerous nature of sunbeds was further heightened in July 2009 when the International Agency for Research on Cancer categorized sunbeds to be as carcinogenic as tobacco," said a spokesperson.

They also pointed out that those who use sunbeds regularly before the age of 30 are 75 percent more likely to suffer from skin cancer. 

Read more: Irish skin cancer rates surge from foreign sun vacations

Those with typical fair Irish skin will be banned from using sunbeds