The reaction online to the “No bus, coach or loud American’s, thank you” sign posted in a Kerry café has been huge. NBC Network among others has begun reporting it in America saying "A cafe is waging war against the Yanks."

The sign was spotted in the front window of Peter’s Place Café, in lower Waterville, County Kerry and tweeted wordwide.. The waterside café is close to the picturesque Ring of Kerry route, a popular attraction for tourists from all over the world.

After posting a short story this weekend IrishCentral received more than 800 comments on the story and hundreds of shares in the comments section and on Facebook and Twitter. The comments ranged from United States citizens, who were outraged and insulted by what many called this “racist” act, to those who agreed with the sign, to Irish who were embarrassed by this establishment’s actions.

Unfortunately the proprietor, despite being contacted, did not provide comment.

Most Irish who commented seemed embarrassed by the sign noting that Americans count for a high percentage of visitors to Ireland every year.

A Kerry restaurant offends tourists by asking ‘loud American’s’ to stay away How Embarrassing. Name and shame please

— Eileen Gabbett (@gabyheyes) July 19, 2014

Alicia O’Mara commented on IrishCentral, saying, “It's not just Americans who can be loud and obnoxious. It is especially insulting to post this given the close relationship the two countries have developed over the last two centuries. Shame on this establishment for stereotyping and betraying the tenets of good hospitality (and business).”

What a way to drive away tourists, - let's not stereotype - fanny packs and visors included.

— Rebecca Horan (@HoranBex) July 21, 2014

Some businesses such as Luigi Malone's decided to cash in on the online uproar and assure their US visitors that Ireland is still a welcoming tourist destination:

FYI all Nationalities & accents are welcome in Luigis!: Sign in Kerry café forbids 'loud Americans' (via @dailyedge)

— Luigi Malones (@LuigisCork) July 21, 2014

Thankfully not all Americans were too quick to judge.

Ruth Morrow wrote on IrishCentral, “O No! That is not right and I do believe this is just one person having a bad, bad day. If someone posted a message similar to this on a window in US can you imagine the uproar. Any American such as myself reading this will always be very welcome in Ireland. They have the nicest people and the most hospital[ity] so don't leave this one poster turn you away. I thought Kerry people only put posters such as this one out when Cork folk visited...hehehe.”

A commenter called “d o” said, “One thoughtless poster does not tell you anything about Kerry, its people or its thinking about Americans no more than one stupid T shirt about Irish drunks does about the Irish. This is a single offensive incident and not typical at all. In general you will get a great welcome here in Ireland and of course there are some stupid people who say stupid things."

Other online commenters mainly took offense due to Peter’s Place’s grammar!

I think I shall amble down to Kerry, hit up this café and explain rather loudly how to correctly use an apostrophe.

— Mishka (@HelmOfAwe) July 20, 2014