Irish Central has published the top 10 baby names for boys and girls in Ireland for 2009. Have a gander through them.

As it has been in the past few years Jack is the top favorite name among boys and believe it or not Sophie is number one in the girls names.

Overall these names are cute.

A lot are very Irish and they will stand well to the children they serve for years to come.

But what would you do someday if your daughter came home and said "Mam, I've a new boyfriend. His name is Usher."

You'd think it was a joke right?

We'll you would be in for a land because children in Ireland are being called after famous singers and it's catching on like wild fire; at least among the traveling community.

In Tralee, Co. Kerry a few weeks ago a beautiful bouncing baby girl was born to a settled traveling family. The name was easy to chose. They had it chosen before the girl was born.

They called her Lady Gaga.

And while growing up Lady Gaga won't be alone. Her school and neighbourhood friends have been called Usher and Beyonce.

In Dublin there is a little Brad Pitt Murphy running around the place and another little lad called Keanu.

Fast forward 25 years. Picture the scene "I Lady Gaga take you Brad Pitt to be my lawfully wedded husband....."

It's inevitable!

There has been a lot of debates with the church over christening these children.

The rule of thumb is that kids are named after saints and we all know that Lady Gaga is no saint!

But it was with some solace we read yesterday the top 10 baby names and there was no Pink in sight!

However, lets see what 2010 brings!