Carl Paladino - have you read the news today?

The influential Irish American Republican group have just dropped you like plutonium. So did New York's Republican Party. You're political Kryptonite today, Carl.

You read that right. Your blatantly homophobic comments on Sunday were a bridge too far even for a group that takes no issue with the continuing ban on Irish gay groups marching in the Saint Patrick's Day Parade.

In a statement they released today they said:

"Today the Irish American Republicans issued a rejection of Carl Paladino’s homophobic comments," the statement read. "The Republican Party is a party that welcomes all people who are interested in smaller government and fiscal responsibility."

“Mr. Paladino’s hateful remarks are not representative of the vast majority of the American people or the party of Lincoln. The Irish American Republicans have consistently fought bigotry and I strongly condemn Mr. Paladino’s shameful and small-minded way of thinking,” stated Jeff Cleary, National Co-Chair.

So my question is this Carl, how come you didn't get the memo to ease off on the homo's? Huh, big guy? Were the GOP just waiting for you to be, ahem, hoisted on your own petard? They sure wasted no time getting that memo out tonight.

Why, it's almost like they were waiting for you.

But it's been a Mad Hatter's Tea Party of a year though, hasn't it? Thanks to the recession and the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch we're just a month away from watching tens of millions of debt-addled Americans voting for candidates who's greatest dream is of protecting the richest men in America from the indignity of paying taxes.

It's unlikely this many turkeys have voted for Thanksgiving in the history of the nation.

Thanks to the Tea Party we also have Christine O'Donnell to contemplate. A woman who's best ad pitch to date seeks to convince us she's not a witch. "I'm not a witch, I'm you," she says.

You're me, Christine? Really? Well gee that's tough, because I'm not qualified to be a United States Senator either. That's why I had the sense not to put my name on the ballot. What's your excuse?

And - in a banner year for right wing cranks - we have Rich Iott, the Tea Party supported GOP House candidate from Ohio who likes to dress up in Nazi uniforms with his buddies to reenact torching Eastern European cottages in a display of Third Reich might.

Are those re-enactments - or do-overs - Rich? I'm just asking.

If he's elected, which even pessimists like me doubt will happen,  he'll be the first candidate for Congress to wear the uniform of the division that murdered 800 U.S. prisoners of war near the end of World War Two.

Asked how he could possibly justify wearing that godforsaken uniform, Iott explained that we all need to remember the significant human loss in the war.

“It’s a tragedy that we don’t want to forget,” he said. “We can't sweep it under the rug. It did indeed happen.”

Yes, it did Rich, God help us all, it really did. But in a lesson for you and Carl and Christine may I say that you don't have to learn from history by repeating its worst chapters.