Last week Fox News’ Megyn Kelly went to bat on her show for David and Jason Benham, the christian conservative brothers who saw their HGTV show canceled when their controversial views about gays, muslims and women’s reproductive rights came to light.

The move saw prominent conservatives like Kelly, Glenn Beck and Bobby Jindal declaring the brothers casualties of the so-called LGBT war on religious liberty and freedom of speech.

But no one is in fact restricting the Benham’s speech. Free speech is protected in America. You are not however protected from strong criticism when what you say turns out to appall most Americans. I don’t think they’ve grasped this distinction.

Denouncing the “smear campaign” waged against them in the media, the brothers insisted the charges made against them were “complete lies” but they failed to explain how any of the claims reported about them were false.  

This week the martyred pair told Glen Beck that they don’t hate gay people, rather they hate “homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation.”

Gay people should not take anything they say personally the Benham’s told Beck, because they are really just waging a spiritual war against Satan and the demonic forces that are out to silence Christianity. No prizes for guessing who the culprits are.

“The homosexual community" should not be offended by their eye-popping statements the Benham’s insist, because the real issue isn’t gay people it’s "God versus the Devil."

Gay people happen to be unwitting tools of Satan, and their struggle for legal equality is just Satan’s demonic agenda to suppress the truth.

But don’t take it personally you guys. They’re not homophobes, they are just everyday Christian people who know that gays are just Satan’s minions, got it?

This right to espouse this risible nonsense was defended by Kelly on her show last week. But she has been conspicuously silent about the Benham’s martyrdom this week.

It’s not like she didn’t know. Years ago the brothers tried to cancel the Charlotte Pride celebration at a city council meeting, telling attendees: "This is filth, this is vile and should not be allowed in our city.”

Irony much? After resorting to shockingly intemperate language the pair added that “we were not there to bash them."

Filth? Vile? Is that the language of Christian love you want to support now Megyn Kelly?