A new Bloomberg poll released yesterday confirms what most of us already know: only 28 percent of Americans are 'mostly happy' with the current field of GOP challengers.

That leaves a whopping 58 percent hoping another, better, as yet unannounced, candidate will throw their hat in the ring.

But that does not mean Sarah Palin.

Reading the political tea leaves must be a depressing prospect for the current field and their supporters. In fact at times, at this point, the prospect is so bleak for the GOP field that it's almost enough to make Donald Trump take a second (or is that a third) look.

The poll also found that President Obama's favorability rate tops all the Republican candidates at 54 percent. Contrast that with the unfavorability rating generated by Palin - she's topped the list with 58 percent viewing her mostly or very unfavorably.

In an eye opening report by the Pew Research group this week it turned out 53 percent can't even name a possible GOP candidate for 2012 that's been talked about in the news.

And when they are able to name a GOP candidate, the person currently most associated with the GOP is Donald Trump.

Oh, dear. All that birtherism really did was bite them in their own rear ends.

So for all their bluster about making Barack Obama a one-term president, it looks like the GOP's gallery of the uninspired and the unelectable actually looks like they've conceded before the race has even begun.