There's no tragedy too painful for those self-styled Christians over at the Westboro Baptist Church.

Yesterday they publicly celebrated the Boston Marathon Explosion and announced their plans to protest the funerals of the innocent people killed, one of which will reportedly include an eight year old boy.

As the majority of citizens expressed their distress and compassion for the grief stricken city Westboro sent them a message of hate.

The Obama administration is currently focused on apprehending the culprits responsible for the appalling attack but the Westboro group claim they really know who is behind the killings: God, in His fury over same sex marriage.

This claim will come as no surprise to observers of the toxic anti-gay and anti-Semitic group, who earlier this year announced that God killed the children at Sandy Hook because He was enraged over gay marriage.

In a gleeful Twitter post goading the public the Baptist group wrote: 'BREAKING: Westboro Baptist Church to picket funerals of those dead by Boston Bombs! GOD SENT THE BOMBS IN FURY OVER F*G MARRIAGE! #PraiseGod.'

Another Tweet crowed: 'WBC is starting campaign to re-name F*g-infested Boston to Magormissabib, meaning ‘terror all around.’ Jer20:3 #ThankGod4TheTerrorOfTheLord.'

Later they Tweeted: 'God sent the Boston Marathon Bombs for the sin of Massachusetts passing same-sex marriage!'

No one has taken responsibility for the bombs yet, but the Obama administration is calling the explosion on Monday an 'act of terror.'

It's despicable, but not surprising, that the group plans to exploit the nations distress to pursue their obsession - bashing gays, no matter what the cost.