Karl Rove knows it better than anyone: Donald Trump's presidential run is the best possible indicator that President Barack Obama will be reelected in a landslide.

Why? Because Donald Trump looks like the man who fired your Dad.

Match him up with Mitt Romney and it's the man who fired your Dad and the man who voted against raising the minimun wage. It's Mr. Potter and Mr. Burns for President.

The Donald gave an interview (more accurately he gave a series of tightly scripted talking points) to Fox New's Sean Hannity this week (who looked like he was trying desperately not to laugh).

In the course of his interview Trump lamented that it's getting awfully hard to be an anti-gay bigot in New York these days - but gosh darn it someone's got to tell those homos that their relationships have no value and aren't worth protecting in law.

You have to feel for Trump. It can't be easy seeing a Broadway show, getting fitted for a new suit, having one of his gaudy gold skyscrapers redecorated, ordering dinner in a high tone restaurant, attending the opera, visiting any of the major networks, walking a city block or even talking to The New York Times without some outraged gay person or one of their friends screaming at him at the top of their lungs because he dares to consider gays second class Americans.

We know that bigotry still tests well in certain states and demographics. Why else are we force fed this idiotic diet of Islamophobia and missing birth certs and gay bashing?

But my word it's gotten old. And so, incidentally, have the old white conservative dudes who cynically pander to this increasingly isolated demographic for votes.