Take heart seniors, there's one group of people who definitely won't be affected if Republican leaders eventually succeed in raising the cost of prescription drugs and long term care by gutting Medicare: our Republican leaders themselves.

They'll still have their top-notch Congressional health care plans, which by the way we pay for. They will also continue to do astoundingly well by the corporate health care lobbyists who are salivating at the prospect of raising prescription costs once again.

The same GOP who decade after decade warn us about the evils of socialism enjoy a level of subsidized health care that would have been the envy of the top tier of the Kremlin.

So before we get very excited about the drastic changes that Paul Ryan and the House Budget Committee are seeking it would make sense to thoroughly vet their voting records, their bill participations, and their campaign donors.

Would you be surprised to know that health care and insurance companies figure among Ryan's top five political contributors? (Source: OpenSecrets.org).

It's absurd to seek the biggest cuts to health care in generations and promise that no senior over 55 will suffer. Of course they will. They'll be exposed like never before to skyrocketing medical costs.

But Ryan is a fierce opponent of any suggestion of higher taxes. Instead he plans to reduce the deficit by 'reforming' Medicare. This will, he says: 'Give seniors a voucher for private health insurance that grows at a much smaller rate than actual healthcare costs.'

What that means is that medical costs keep growing over time, and elderly Americans will be forced to bear more and more of the price burden. And what happens if they can’t afford to do so? Too bad, they’re on their own.

Each time the GOP had to decide between preserving the safety net or making the rich richer, is anybody surprised that the rich always win?
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